Friday, March 28, 2014

Ruby Nicole is here :)

March 3rd 2014
David & I headed to Davis Hospital at 6:30am for the scheduled C-Section. Emma had a sleepover with her grandma Nancy the night before so we didn't have to worry about getting her ready in the morning. On our way to the hospital we got a phone call from a nurse saying we were suppose to be at the hospital at 6:00am. AHHHH I was so calm that morning and that got thrown out the window. I hate being late. Oh goodness. We get to the hospital and check in & get our room. The nurse comes in and gives me my IV. (awful. blood was everywhere) Then the anesthesiologist came in and explained the spinal block to me and had me sign some papers. We had only been at the hospital for about 45 minutes by this time. They wheeled me into the operating room which was so weird because I actually had time to look around and see what was going on. (With Emma everything was such a blur because hers was an emergency C-Section.) There were 2 nurses, 2 anesthesiologists & 2 doctors in the room with me. They invited David to come in the room and a nurse put up the sheet so I won't be able to see the C-Section happening. Gross. My doctor then asks me if I could feel anything and I said "No" He then says "Good because we are almost to your uterus" WHAT THE HECK? haha I had no idea they had even started. Twice during surgery I got so nauseous. It was the most intense nausea of my life. I felt retarded telling the anesthesiologist that I felt so sick but I am glad I did. She injected my IV with some magical medication & made me smell some peppermint/lavender mixture. It worked amazing. Until it happened a second time. haha. They started the C-Section at 7:45am & Ruby was born 7:59am. 7lbs 9oz 20in.  She immediately started crying. (best feeling in the whole world) She had a thick rattle in her cry and the nurse let me know she had swallowed some fluid. After I was taken to the recovery room a nurse let me know Ruby was on oxygen to help her breath while they tried to clear her lungs of all the fluid she had swallowed. 
I did not get to hold my baby for almost 2 hours after she was born :( I looked through my moms camera of all the pictures she had been taking of Ruby while she was in the nursery. I couldn't believe her chunky cheeks! 
Holding my sweet girl for the first time
 Emma meeting her sister

 Lauren Nicole & Ruby Nicole
 Grandpa & Grandma Skaggs :]

 Joseph.Lynette. & Abbey Rocha
 Aunt Becky
 Beth & Kelsey-My primary 1st and 2nd counselor
 Megan & Airyn
 Grandpa & Grandma Johnson
 Shelby.Prelsey.& Pyper


Friday, December 6, 2013


It is difficult to update this blog when I do not have a computer or internet in my home! So sorry to the 5 people who actually read my posts. HAHA. A lot has happened since June. So, I will do what I do best and update ya'll with a million pictures of the last almost SIX months! We found out we are having baby girl #2. Emma had her first birthday. We took a family trip to California/Disneyland. I also found out that I will have to have a C-Section with this baby as well. The doctor said he likes to do the surgery exactly a week before the baby's due date so, that would mean March 3rd she will most likely be here. I can NOT wait to snuggle this new baby. Only 87 more days! Oh yay! 

 Johnson Family on Thanksgiving. Just missing Brandon who is in Australia! 
 Emma's one year photo shoot

 Thanksgiving 2013

 This was in June when Emma announced she is going to have a baby sister :]
Summer swimming at Grandpa & Grandma Skaggs home
 LADIES NIGHT. So fun for the 20 minutes I was able to stay. The life of a mommy is AWESOME

 Emma's First Birthday Party
 Girls Night. All my friends are having baby girls. :D
Olive Garden girls lunch. Airyn & I are both due in March. Only a few weeks apart.
 Our last vollyeball game of the season! Starts back up in January! Can NOT wait.
 Halloween 2013
 We have had lots of play dates with this cute boy in the last 6 months. 

First big snowfall December 2013
 Family Trip to St. George in August
 Ryder & Emma. Best Friends!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


June went by so FAST. We had a pretty great month! Can't believe Emma will be 9 months on Monday. She has taken 3 steps on her own and will be walking before we know it. Here are a few pictures of of the last month.